Dystopia | Parque Jose Marti


La Habana Cuba | 2012

As i set up the photograph, in a stadium which is half collapsed, I had to position my tripod between holes through the concrete and rebar through which the drop of 10 metres or more would have had consequences. In the field, a baseball game was going on, and one of the players took a break to read the daily paper. I repositioned my camera as he was oblivious to my actions. We exchanged a few words about baseball scores and field conditions, and he went back to his reading. What is striking and most interesting to me in the study of dystopia is how people survive and exist and even thrive in these environments. It would be inconceivable to be in this dangerous environment in most places, but through the gaping holes in the concrete seats, Everado Gonzalez thought nothing of it, as he  took a break between innings...